Bible cake

After lots of research I still could not decide which bible I liked best the open style or the closed one …so what the heck I’ll just do both. Loved the way this one turned out however forgot 2 important things…the ribbon going down the centre of the bottom one as well as the border of the bible. Did not remember until I was editing my pictures and realised my open bible looked like a bunch of naked pages sitting there, DANG IT!!! Cross was made from gumpaste from a mold I had made and it looked so real I was extatic. I had just got my edible printer and paper so was very eager to try it out and I think it did a great job. Top bible I wanted to look like a well used leather bound bible, it lost a little of the aging detail overnight wich was a little sad but otherwise this would be one of my favorites.

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Tampa, Florida


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Bible cake