Dr. Suess Birthday

Scratch WASC and Reeses filling, Vanilla buttercream. Fondant cut outs of the Characters hand painted.

Tags: birthday yellow orange green red white blue black gray cake vanilla chocolate peanut butter cat in the hat lorax horton

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Bliss Pastry ...

Love loooooveloooooooove this one! It just strikes my fancy what can I say.

Ann-Marie Youngblood ...

LOL Thanks Girl!

Toni (White Crafty Cakes) ...

Ann Marie, it is adorable! I just love the Dr. Suess characters!

Tea Party Cakes ...

Oh, cute! You’re going to give CorrieCakes a run for her money on the slab cakes! ;)

Ann-Marie Youngblood ...

LOL No I think Corrie could Slam dunk me every time!

Raewyn Read Cake Design ...

OMG Ann Marie! How did I miss this??? It’s fabulous! Will have to show my girls in the morning, they LOVE Dr Suess. LOVE it! Well done :) xxxxxxxx

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Dr. Suess Birthday