Nikki & Riley Knights Wedding Cake

I posted this picture on another cake community site before I saw how far extending my best friends story had spread. I am at a loss for what I can do or say at this point to help my best friend as she is thrust onto a road untraveled and dark. Her strength inspires me as she does everything she can to keep herself together for the kids and her own sake. The media has been relentless in their pursuit of Nikki and I have gone from friend, cake decorator and bridesmaid to supporting her and playing bodyguard. This morning is the longest time I have been away from her and the kids and is my moment to mourn, breath, and collect myself before returning to her side.

I’m sharing my picture with everyone here because I share all my cakes on here. Please do not share this photo.

The topper is gumpaste with crystals and silver dragees. The cake is chocolate and vanilla. The snowflakes are gumpaste and the words are edible images.


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Robin Shiels ...

I heard the story. So heatbreaking. Beautiful cake too.

NooMoo ...


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Nikki & Riley Knights Wedding Cake