Princess Sophia

Princess Sophia is very popular in our house, so it was no surprise that my daughter wanted a Sophia cake for her 4th birthday. When I was designing this cake, I wanted to incorporate the colours of Sophia’s dress, Sophia herself, and also her amulet. There is a little bit of artistic license on the amulet as Sophia’s does not have as many crystals, but the client was very particular about the"sparkle". I suppose that’s very important when your 4. Although not many girls ever really lose the sparkle love. I know I haven’t. Everything on this cake is edible, apart from the crystals on the amulet. The cake itself is vanilla sponge with Italian buttercream and raspberry filling. Hope you like it. Sam x

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Little Apple Cakes ...

very cute, great modeling!! i love it!

Cakemummy ...

Gorgeous, your modelling is fantastic! :-)

Goreti ...


June ("Clarky's Cakes") ...

So So Pretty……

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Princess Sophia