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Galaxy Handbag Cake

Hi everyone, I hope you like my Galaxy Handbag Cake, this time, it was hurting my heart while cutting it …. Love Fran

Welcome to Oktoberfest 2016 sugar collaboration

You’re invited to Wiesn 2016; let’s eat, drink and dance! WELCOME TO OKTOBERFEST 2016. Please click on this link —>

Heartfelt Apology

I want to apologize to my friends whom I follow and support here because I haven’t been on this page for WEEKS now :( I’d been running 5 different collabs at the same time (6 now actually) some with a few dozen members and some with a couple of...

Cake decorating and baking business

Hello. I am wondering how profitable the cake decorating and baking business is for those of you who own and operate your own businesses? Can you make a decent living on just that? Also how do you get started and build your business? Thanks!

My first Cake designed: for someone's 60th B'day!!

3D PUG CAKE - Video Tutorial

Hi everyone! Meet Parker the Pug! You can learn how to make this cake, completely free on my YouTube Channel here: I hope you like it! I’ll be uploading new tutorials as often as I can, so be...


Easy pig cake

Hi! I made this very easy and simple piggy cake tutorial, it’s perfect for beginners and I think it’s very cute:) Subscribe to my channel if you like it and want to see more videos like this:)

CakesDecor Theme: Piano Cakes

Hello everyone! This week I thought we could take a look at a slightly different style of cakes: “Piano Cakes”. We have some fantastic and truly amazing examples showcased here this week. Congratulations to all of the wonderful cake...

Handcrafted Cold Porcelain Flowers #8: Sunflower Lantern