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Cake number 10!

I loved this one! Although I have a very sad little boy seeing 2 cakes leave today! Am feeling very pleased with my last 2 cakes it’s not been 9 weeks since I baked my first cupcake and today I noticed the progress :)

CakeDecorPros News #2: We are 1 month young :)

I just noticed that is one month young today. Woohoo, what a small milestone :). After one month I can proudly say that there are 633 cake decorators already in 41 countries and still growing – perfect! Thank you all for...

CakesDecor Quarterly Awards - Spring 2013 #2: Cast Your Votes and Win!

Awards entry period is over and we ended up with 132 amazing entries in ‘Easter’ category. Now it’s time to pick your top 5 list and cast your votes. Voting deadline is on April 30, 2013 at 6 PM GMT . Please note that if you submitted an...

Gerber Daisy

Easy how to make gerber daisy way .

White Magnolia(without magnolia cutter)

White Magnolia is one of my favorite flowers,it is pretty and easy to make. In this picture-tutorial I want to show, even without Magnolia cutters, you can still create a nice flower.Any ordinary 3 sizes leaf cutter works :-) ...

My cakesdecor apron has arrived!

Beach theme baby shower cake

I was wondering if anyone knows where i can get that topper thats on the beach theme baby shower cake?

Gumpaste Magnolia Tutorial

Hopefully the photographs are self explanatory, any questions please ask!! :) xxx Hope you all like it . For more Tutorials visit my FB...

Romantic-Vintage Royal Icing and Fondant 3-D Sugar Cookie

I was organizing my cookie cutters, and I came across a beautiful copper corset cookie cutter Sydney had given last summer. I couldn’t believe I had not used it yet. Since Sydney loves fondant I covered them in strawberry flavored and...

Ninja fondant motor bike tutorial

Hello all, I took some snaps while making a Green Kawasaki Ninja bike for my friends 4 year old son. Hope this helps some one.. :-) 1. Color the fondant and keep it aside 2. For tyres, I cut a round shape from rice cake. You can use oreo...