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I’ve missed out on alot of commenting recently because I’ve been away on vacation a couple of times in June and because of Ramadan; the fasting and changes of schedules etc doesn’t help one bit :D Forgive me for not showing some love but I hope...

Tiffany blue sugar flower


3D Racing Car Lightning Mcqueen Cake

For detail step-by-step please watch my NEW video

Interview #46: Gulnaz Mitchell

I want to thank Sharon for asking me to do an interview. What an incredible honour! I’ve never imagined this would actually happen when I posted my first cake on the platform three years ago. I have to admit that the Cakesdecor was the first...

How to make Rubble from "Paw Patrol" out of fondant cake topper

Hi Sweeties, Lots of people asked me to make a tutorial on Rubble from Paw Patrol out of fondant… So here it is my version of how to make Rubble! Hope to make the other Paw Patrol Hope you like it… XOXO

Making of Cyadea Spiderqueen

Hello everyone, Some impressions of processing my spiderqueen for cake Con collaboration. She is made by rice crispies, modelling chocolate, fondant and edible colors. It was a big huge and honor to be a part of this amazing collaboration:...

Step -by-step pictures of making a train

I was asked how to make a train. I did this last year hope it’s useful. ;)


Really sorry everyone, not been around for a couple of weeks and now need to try and catch up with looking at all your wonderful cakes! X


how to make a tree bark effect using spring roll wrapper

Hi guys, here’s a cheap way to create a tree bark effect, using spring roll wrapper instead of wafer paper, and by painting the bark with gel colors,vodka to dilute it and some gold /silver dust, for realistic looking,