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Hands and feet tutorial

Sugarpaste Tutorials #1: 15 easy steps on how to make cute baby girl shoes

Individual cakes in cups

This is my very first tutorial, with a not so great camera- so please be gentle with me haha! It’s a fairly simple process and so hopefully the pictures will be all you’ll need :)

CakesDecor Awards: Wedding Cakes #3: Only 2 Days Left!

Just a friendly reminder that there are only 2 days left to submit your cakes in our Wedding Cakes Awards. If you don’t have a cake to enter with, feel free to see the 206 Amazing Wedding Cakes that were posted already.

Summer Piped Royal Icing Roses and Flowers

Cupcakes are usually one serving size, no sharing involved. They’re small and easy to package, store, and transport. Decorating cupcakes is fun and creative for people of all ages. Generally they can be made out of common kitchen supplies and...

JEM Equipment #1: The wedding cake

JEM cutters and equipment Obsession I’ve been cake decorating for around 35 years and have known and owned JEM products for many of those but it was not until I recently when I went to a product training day at PME Knightsbridge in the UK that...

Rose and Alstroemeria Lily Flower Paste Keepsake

Every bride wants her wedding day to be perfect, to feel like a princess for that one special day. The cake is a special element of that day, with so many choices and styles it can become overwhelming. As a cake decorator I try to eliminate...

Ice bowl

Hi! I know this is not a cake, but is an original way to serve fruits, so I hope you like it! Here is what you need: 2 cups of different sizes and, better, of the same shape, adhesive tape, water, fresh chilli parsley or other...

Filler flower

It was my spontaneous idea, hope it helps somebody :) How it works on the cake, take a look at my first tiered wedding cake (in my album:)