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Miniature cake topper - tutorial

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Icing a cake - free tutorials #1: Creating a Wood bark effect on your cake

Here I show you how I create a wood bark effect on a cake, using fondant a modelling tool and food colouring. If you like the video, please do subscribe to my channel where I put new videos up weekly :) Thank you for watching

baby topper dress like simba

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CakesDecor Theme: Chocolate Cakes

If you’re on a low calorie diet, look away now because this week it’s all about CHOCOLATE!! We see so many new cakes on CakesDecor everyday, all beautifully finished in fondant, perfectly painted, seamlessly sculpted works of art, you all...

Dog tutorial

1. Preparation – I always use several pieces of polystyrene. This is how I achieve that the model has inside’s wooden stick long enough to be stable on a cake and also I do not damage hours of attempt when I want to move it from...

Video-Tutorial Ninja Turtles cake

Video-Tutorial Ninja Turtles cake pasta di zucchero torta tartarughe

Video-tutorial Tutorial masha and the bear cake topper / masha e l'orso torte pasta zucchero

Video-tutorial Tutorial masha and the bear cake topper masha e l’orso torte pasta zucchero

Video-tutorial The New Adventures of Peter Pan

Miniature love heart in a plant pot video tutorial :)

Question about esculìdas cakes

Hello everyone, I have a question on how to line a cake sculpted in 3D as it is the first time I’m going to do one, and I wonder if I should use enough fondant as to fall under the top or wrap by side if too big? Someone could help me?