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The making of Ariel not-so-little mermaid.... #3: The big finale... ^_^

The making of Ariel not-so-little mermaid.... #2: Final steps

The making of Ariel not-so-little mermaid.... #1: Body

Anna Frozen by Bambola di zucchero

Tutorial #1: Arrives the cart of ice cream!

Accessible to all the lovers of the decoration. You will happy your children and your friends! Easy, fast, and pleasing for the tables and the celebrations of the summer!!!Tutorial that i had in the drawer from june 2013. Use these two...


Odd title i know, i have done three cakes now using flexible rubber stamps these work great as they can bend around a cake when you imprint them, it’s best to do it as soon as you have covered the cake in fondant as you need it soft. I also like...

Storm Trooper Helmet

Took step by step pics while making my girly storm trooper helmet, hopefully self explanatory but give me a shout if I can help Zoe x Here’s a link to finished cake

How to Make a Giant Cupcake

Candy’s Cupcakes began with baking and decorating cupcakes and giant cupcakes. I found that I made a niche by adding various designs to a giant cupcake and enjoyed the cute look of them. I often get asked how I make giant cupcakes and their...

Duck Swimming Ring Treat

It’s summer time and this is an idea of summer treat with duck swimming ring form. It’s easy to make and cute way to presented. Hope you like it :)

Summer Wedding Cupcakes Tutorial

Just as in fashion trends come and go the same is true in the world of weddings. Each year, new trends excite and inspire many brides. Trends for 2014 weddings lean towards individual style and a flair for the unconventional. While Cakes are...