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Competition cake finished!!!

Well at last after weeks and weeks of working on it, my cake is finally finished. I’m really pleased with the way it’s turned out. The worry now is how best to transport it without getting there with a pile of...

Baking & standing for a long time anyone get lower back pains any reccommendations??

Is there a good mat I should invest in to stand on.. I had the worst lower back pain ever from standing and couldnt really walk. Feel better now but wondering what you all bakers use.. Thanks!!

Not hearing back from clients??

It makes me wonder if they were happy with the cake. I never get any complaints on the cake but I hardly ever get any responses back if they loved it or not. I don’t want to write them and ask, i feel like if they did love it they would’ve told...

Dora #1: This is what really happened to her

This is what happens when you make your customers wait for their cake ….. LOL

My crazy life in cake and Dora

I love receiving feedback from customers…. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Bring it on…… I like to hear it all. Of course I like a glowing report as much as the next person but I also need to know if something is not right!!! Truly, I’m not...

Aprons #1: Hand Painted Aprons by Callicious

I am putting up an album with some of my hand painted aprons I do mainly as a hobby but have had requests from several people as well and has been a great source of joy and fun to me to see how much enjoyment and pleasure others get from them...

Book Giveaway

To celebrate the launch of my upgraded website and blog with cake tutorials Katrien’s Cakes I am giving away a copy of my book. The competition is open worldwide. To enter the competition go to Book Giveaway

Jack Head Tutorial

For more details of step-by-step tutorial please visit my page at : - JoyliciousCakes

Lesson learned

It’s not going well his week.. After being told my Christmas cake wasn’t worth the money I have now been let down by someone who booked a cake for next week. I had got all the bits and pieces ready as my father has an operation tomorrow. She now...

One Year Anniversary!!

Once upon a time on Internet, on foggy Tuesday, the CakesDecor baby was born. Today, we all are one year older, one year smarter and our CakesDecor is one year larger – not a baby anymore, but teenager who is growing really fast. I can remember...