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Tree bark tutorial - video


How to Create A Day at the Beach Cookie 👶🏖️🐚

Create a Day at The Beach Cookies, inspired by family photos and vintage post cards! I’ll take you through my process for dimensional icing cookies!

How to make a Gelatin Flower: Chrysanthemum


Pineapple & Flamingo Cookie Tutorials

Hi! I have created my very first tutorials and would love to share them with you guys. The first one is a 3D stand up Pineapple cookies and the Second is my Marbled Flamingo Cookies. Both cookie designs use Satin Ice Fondant. You can find...

Sugar Flowers #8: How to Make Rosebud: Gumpaste or Cold Porcelain

Hiya , I have a new tutorial, this Rosebud is very detailed, and it’s a long video, so some might find it a bit too much, but if you like detailed flowers, I hope you’ll like it. The tutorial is in Cold Porcelain, as may people had asked, but I...

CakesDecor Theme: Wedding Cakes - part 40

I hope you enjoy looking at some of July’s stunning wedding cakes! Congratulations to everyone featured – truly beautiful cakes! Elli :-) x

Latest Cookies on Home Page

Hey all our cakey and cookie friends, after creating the new Cookies Section we thought that cookies deserve to be on the Home Page too. We did a small Home Page redesign and now you can see the Latest Cookies next to the Editor’s Choice. Once,...

Cupcakes & Cakes: General #2: Oh those SHARP EDGES ( nope. NOT out of fashion yet, as luck would go...)

Another Blast from the past! The flowers is nothing to do with tutorial, actually, but I think, when I did this composition, it’s the first time I took sugar flowers seriously. ( I had a Craftsy addiction going ( as you do!) and bought...

Tutorial #14: Formula 1 3D Cake

NEW VIDEO OUT TODAY !!!!!! 3D Formula 1 Cake 🏎️🏎️🏎️🏎️ With one template and a 10" square cake you can create two different looking cakes. Hope you enjoy!!!! Blueprint: Template: Stickers: ...

Penguin cake topper