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Making simple cupcake toppers with a homemade stencil.

“Making simple cupcake toppers using homemade stencils.

How to draw a picture on a Cake

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Back from vacation

Hi all. I just get back from vacation in Hungary and Croatia and I’m ready to go through all the emails, private messages and cakes. I hope you missed me as much as I missed you and CakesDecor ;).

Malteser Cheesecake Recipe

Malteser Cheesecake Equipment: 8” loose bottomed cake tin Mini chopper/rolling pin Mixer Mixing bowl Base Ingredients: 9 digestive biscuits 100g unrefined (I use Billingtons) caster sugar 100g butter Chop/crush biscuits until fine...

Mickey Mouse Cookies

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How to make lulu caty cupcake toppers :)

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Recipies #1: Modeling Paste

500grams white fondant/plastic icing 15ml Tylose 10ml egg white (run through a sieve – use just the watery part) 30grams Holsum fat (shortening) Mix the tylose well into the fondant. Add the egg white and mix well.. Add the shortening and...

How- to #1: Make a giant cupcake cake without a cupcake pan

So here’s the thing…. I was asked to make a Giant cupcake cake on short notice for a six year old girl’s birthday party. I thought , no problem, I have the pan(which I bought over a year ago and have never used!) .Quoted my single layer cake...

Vanilla-Lavender Macarons

Today is my only child’s 21st birthday, her golden birthday. I have created an amazing birthday cake for her, and I promised her I would not post anything about her cake until after her birthday. Her birthday began at 12:01 am today, with me...

Sarah's Sunflowers

I’ve never done a tutorial before, so please bare with me and if anything isn’t clear, I’d be happy to answer questions about any of the steps. I chose to do a tutorial on my sunflower because I’ve had the most requests asking how to make...