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Tutorial #6: Candle Cake

New beginnings #10: Comp failure :-(

Right before I start close your eyes and imagin a 3 tiered Xmas tree with a stump covered in pretty lights red tasseled sugarveil for tinsel and isomalt baubles :-) that’s what my mess was suppose to look like. As you can tell it didn’t go...

Modelling in sugar #1: Sleeping Santa Baby Tutorial

Here’s my video tutorial for making a sleeping baby in a Santa outfit. It can be made in sugarpaste/ modelling paste/ modelling chocolate/ marzipan. The sizes of the body parts relate to the size of the head, so it could be made small enough...

Sugar Spider Mums Flower Tutorial

Here are the things needed to make this flower. Colored gumpaste, Daisy cutters or plungers, ball tool, vein tool, flute dresden tool, sharp craft knife, rolling pin, foam pad, scissors, cutting mat, craft pliers, florist wires and floral...

Wireframed Figurine Tutorial

Building figurines with a wireframe skeleton allows for more dynamic poses and positioning. I like to use a thick, flexible aluminium wire which is easily available in craft stores. First, bend the wire into a basic proportioned shape, winding...

Mr Tall Figurine Tutorial

Diver Figurine Tutorial

Chip and Dale Figurine Tutorial

Spongebob Figurine Tutorial

Smurf Figurine Tutorial