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This isn’t my cake but I plan to be able to make this one day….hopefully soon:)

The Making of Yoda's Face

This is my First Tutorial, so please be gentle. I hope all pictures are self explanatory :) If not please feel free to ask any questions :) Jenn

How to make Gum Paste Face

I made a video on how to make faces as a thank you to celebrate my 10,000 Fans. The slower version of making a female face is on my Facebook Page. This is a tad speed up so I don’t bore everyone else.. Hope you like it..

Elegant Sugar Paste Summer Spray

With Sydney’s 21 birthday a little more than one month away, I am still trying to create the perfect spray for her cake. Sydney saw a similar spray in Alan Dunn’s Creative Cakes when she was home for spring break. Sydney loves orchids; there...

Poppy Tutorial #1: How to Make a Gum Paste Poppy (using heart shaped cutters)

My first blog

I am new to this blogging thing… I blogged a few years ago under a alias mainly to get rid of my fears and uncertainties after my mom was diagnosed with parkinson’s disease….. This is going to be completely different..i’m going to write about...

I'am officially a pastry cook lady and a mini standing minion cake

¡Hello people! I know! I know! I completely abandoned you. But I had too. I needed to focus on my little project. And now I’m glad to announce you that, after these months of great adventure I finally got my French pastry degree! Yeehaaa ¡I am a...

Chocolate Roses - 4 methods/ Modelling Chocolate Roses

This is how I make my Chocolate Roses – Four different methods – all easy and simple.

White Modelling Chocolate

Here’s how I make my White Modelling Chocolate – Simple and Easy.

Dark Modelling Chocolate

Here’s how I make Dark Modelling Chocolate – Simple and easy.. I do hope you find it useful.