Cake Decoration

Part 1: Wafer paper fantasy flowers

Hi friends. below the link so you can see how I make my fantasy flowers using wafer paper.

Part 2: Fondant Bows - 3 types-easy and super fast!

Hi friends I am sharing a short video tutorial of how to make 3 types of bows with different finishes. Click the link below to watch the video:

Part 3: Sugar lace fast and easy!

Hi friends!!! this is what I always wanted to do…make tutorials and share what I have learned through these last years. This time I am sharing with you how to make a sugar lace…soon you will see where I have used that lace… Here the link of the...

Part 4: Cake borders - without regular molds!!!!

Hi friends!!! so happy to share these 5 types of fondant cake borders using easy and cheap kitchen & beauty tools! I hope this is useful for you!

Part 5: SNOWMAN cake decoration...only 13 minutes!

Hi friends so happy be back and to share a video tutorial of an easy and super fast Snowman theme based cake decoration. I hope is useful! Warm hugs to all of you!

Part 6: Unicorn cake - easy!

Hi friends! finally I can share with you how to decorate an Unicorn cake with ganache and buttercream. I hope is useful. Warm hug! Katherina

Part 7: Horizontal stripes cake tutorial

Hi friends! today I would like to share with you how to make a horizontal stripes cake, full video!…I hope is useful for somebody. Thanks for watching! Hugs of your friend Katherina


Hi friends! first of all I want to thank you for all your support, beautiful and encouraging comments and for your time to comment my posts here in CD, and also special thanks to all my friends who have subscribed to my channel and watched my...