Cake Decoration

Part 1: Wafer paper fantasy flowers

Hi friends. below the link so you can see how I make my fantasy flowers using wafer paper.

Part 2: Fondant Bows - 3 types-easy and super fast!

Hi friends I am sharing a short video tutorial of how to make 3 types of bows with different finishes. Click the link below to watch the video:

Part 3: Sugar lace fast and easy!

Hi friends!!! this is what I always wanted to do…make tutorials and share what I have learned through these last years. This time I am sharing with you how to make a sugar lace…soon you will see where I have used that lace… Here the link of the...

Part 4: Cake borders - without regular molds!!!!

Hi friends!!! so happy to share these 5 types of fondant cake borders using easy and cheap kitchen & beauty tools! I hope this is useful for you!

Part 5: SNOWMAN cake decoration...only 13 minutes!

Hi friends so happy be back and to share a video tutorial of an easy and super fast Snowman theme based cake decoration. I hope is useful! Warm hugs to all of you!