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Location: Melbourne, Australia

My name is Sherine & although I am fairly new to the cake decorating world, I have come to really enjoy it and found myself loving the artistic outlet it has given me and feel quite 'at peace' when I am decorating (hence the play on the words with the name!). I work as a pharmacist most days, a mum everyday & now a self-taught cake maker in my spare time! My inspirations were my mother who is a brilliant cake maker (not to mention cook!), my son who was the reason I got started and my love for almost everything artistic! My husband has been the most understanding and supportive husband a girl can ever hope for & I am indebted to him for all his encouragement. I am also so blessed & grateful to be surrounded by very encouraging and supportive family & friends who always have nothing but kind words that make my day! For these reasons I have decided to take my hobby one step further & turn it into a little side business whilst I continue to learn and research & come up with new ways of doing things and interesting recipes and designs. I am taking it one little step at a time & hoping to keep growing this business and see what the future has in store for me. Meanwhile, I am still keeping my day job, at least for now :)

Sherine from @piece -