Designer Cakes by Anna Garcia

Designer Cakes by Anna Garcia

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Faux Venetian Plaster

This technique is quick easy and Fun! It uses simple tools for a great effect. Hope you will give it a try. The instructions are very brief so if you have any questions, please let me know

Sugar Quilling Technique- favorite technique challenge +tutorial


Sugar flower magnolia tutorial

How to make sugar magnolia without cutters.

Sculpting a female with fondant tutorial viso e corpo in pasta di zucchero

Easy way , Wafer paper rose.

Here how i make wafer paper rose, its very simple and easy. I cut out 6 circles , , then color only 3 , .(you can color any color u want ) Leave 3 of them on white . I’m used water for glue. Dip small amount of water , enough to dame the...

Flower Paste Heirloom English Rose Spray

It has been a while since I shared a tutorial, I think this is perfect for Autumn! Heirloom English Rose are the Rolls Royce of roses they are beyond lovely. The alluring beauty of these majestic roses inspired me to create, in flower paste,...

Cake competitions #1: Cake competitions and things to know – From a newbies point of view!

Ok so here we go with my very first ever blog….and what many have told me will be my cake industry suicide. How sad is that? If you see something wrong in our industry and you think things should change and want to speak out to help others or...

A word of thanks

CakesDecor and the generous and lovely members that are a part of this corner of the cake world has always been such a happy place for me. I remember my first post ever, and all the sweet messages you took the time to write, simply to help me...

Interview #28: Nina Blackburn from Make Pretty Cakes

Thanks to Shags, we are bringing you an Interview with Nina Blackburn from Make Pretty Cakes. Enjoy! Anyone who knows Nina from Make Pretty Cakes will agree she is just an amazing lady …always so giving of her time and knowledge but best of...

Hermit Crab Tutorial

Supplies needed: scissors, 2 brushes, 1 embossing tool, pearl dust, 1 black food gel color, 1 blue food gel color or what ever color you want , 3 different shades of fondant your choice , Black sugar pearls, paper towel , and 1 cup of...