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Feb 2015    austin, tx    facebook.com/tinastreatstexas

Hi everyone! My name is Tina and I'm the owner and creator of Tina's Treats Texas. I started in El Paso TX in November of 2012. Meaning that's when I learned how to even make buttercream and what a decorating tip was ha ha.I started making cakes as a therapy for my general anxiety. I was unable to do anything, if you ever learn what it is it's the worst, so I took a class to learn how to be anywhere and not be afraid! I loved it and within a month I made my sisters wedding cake then a few weeks later a cake for a famous DJ Deadmau5. After that I was hooked!! (P.s cakes helped me with my anxiety and saved my life to say the least) I moved to midland for a few months to help my mother, came back to El Paso to start the business again then ended up moving to Austin Texas and taking an 8 month break from cakes. After getting settled and deciding to stay here I brought my cake and have now been doing cakes in austin for about 4 months. So I guess you can say it's only been a year and a half that I've been doing cakes. With so much moving I decided to add "texas" to my name! And changed my logo to a texas w a heart on El Paso because that's my home :) I love doing cakes and love the fun weird environment here in ATX, I hope to build an amazing cake business out here and meet a lot of awesome decorators through this site! Happy caking ;)

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Hey guys :) Here is a complete video tutorial on how to make this olaf cake! Hope you all enjoy it and it helps you with your future Olaf cakes! Also this structure is great and can be used on many other cakes!:)