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Location: Essex uk

Hi, I am a self taught cake maker/ decorator , that ended up in this venture by complete surprise ... I've always loved baking with my kids but never realised I had the potential to be an experienced cake designer .
One day I'd made some cupcakes that just looked a little sad :( and thought ok I'm going to make these look pretty and so is where it all began ......
After a bit of research and some better equipment I sat and made some handmade flowers , another batch of cupcakes and that was it .... Put them on Facebook and everyone loved em :) even got asked to make my friends granddaughter some .
I then booked myself on a day cupcake course , but by the time I got there about a month later I'd learnt everything that I was shown with the instructor using my work to show the others ( was a nice day though)
Well I've gone from strength to strength now owning my own cake making business .
I even got to make a cake for the car company mini in the summer . They made a short film of me making the mini that was shown all over London on digital billboards in shopping centres and train stations ... Very proud moment :))))
Well hopefully I will be teaching some of my skills from home in the near future and look forward to making more cakes ... Every day has a different challenge ... But I love it :) x

Nikki, Essex,