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Sassy's Cake Tutorials #7: How to carve a car cake, General Lee

Click on the link below for this pictorial

Frozen Cake Tutorials #5: How to make ELSA, 3-d!

Hope you all enjoy! Pop over to my facebook page if you want to follow along!

Frozen Cake Tutorials #4: Question???

I am editing the tutorial for this cake.. and wondering if you would prefer one long one(approx 30 minutes) or 2 shorter ones.. 1 for structure and 1 for detailing. Please let me know, Thanks

Sassy's Cake Tutorials #6: How to make Gold Sequins!!

My way to make gold sequins.. no fail and easy!! subscribe to channel or check out my facebook page for more!!

Sassy's Cake Tutorials #5: Ruffle cake

Here is how I do this ruffle style. Enjoy! for more Tutoriasl you can subscribe to my you tube channel or like and share my facebook page! Happy Cake Making!

Tool Review... Exacto Knife

I think my exacto knife is my side kick as well. I use it to trim edges, cut out characters, and so much more. You can cut out any shape if you don’t have the right cutter.. cut strips if you can’t find your pizza cutter… it can replace so...

Tool review.. Smallest tip Brush!

Yep my brush… doing character faces, applying water to fondant, applying gold, silver. I can;t think of one cake I did not need a brush for.. and if I could only have one… it would have to be the smallest one to get the eyelashes on Elsa!!

Sassy's Cake Tutorials #4: Easy cute Baby Booties

Quick and easy is the key to these little crowd pleasers!!

Sassy's Cake Tutorials #3: My sons Chevy Truck

Ok, So not my best work, I know… a busy week and busier weekend made that the family cake got the short end of the stick when it came to time! but we had a pretty good cake and a great time together eating it!! My son enjoyed it anyways! ...

Sassy's Cake Tutorials #2: Quilt Cake

See how I made this Quilt by clicking this Link!!