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Frozen Cake Tutorials #3: Easy snowflakes

You’ll never guess what I used in a pinch.. waiting for my order of new cake supplies to come in! its one of those “why didn’t I think of that” and I wish I would have earlier :) would have saved me soooo much time with all these frozen cakes !...

Frozen Cake Tutorials #2: Making Elsa with fondant

Heres another quick video of how I make my flat characters.. this one "":

Frozen Cake Tutorials #1: How to make ice effect for Frozen Cake

Heres my latest Tutorial on Frozen cake! Showing how to make the ice effect of top tier!!! ...

Easy, cheap fondant molds Tutorial

Ok here it is… tutorial #3! A quick little video, where I will show you how to make your own molds for Elsa, or anything eles you may want to make a mold of! Be sure to “follow” me here and “subscribe” to my channel so you can see it first!!...

coming soon.. making your own fondant molds

I am really enjoying doing tutorials! I am going to be making a tutorial of how to make your own fondant molds really soon!! I was scratching my head a few years ago of how to get button molds, and wanted alot of different kinds, the really...

Minecraft Cake Tutorial

So kind of liking the whole tutorial thing… Had to make a small minecraft cake this weekend.. so did a step by step tutorial. Hope you like! A bit of humor with this one too :) Please “follow” me for future updates on new tutorials!

Sassy's Snake Cake Tutorial

Here’s my First Tutorial ever! I never did anything like this before.. I swear the Tutorial took longer to make than the cake:) Please “follow” me, as I will be posting more tutorials! Follow the link and enjoy.

Got to make Snake cake... eeeeekkkk!!

So I am about to start the adventure of making a snake cake! Me, who is petrified of snakes… and just last summer was trapped in my cottage because a snake was getting to close to the door. Hopefully this may help me get over my phobia, having...