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Jul 2012    Miami, Florida

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The Mat

Hi…..I was wondering if anyone else has been experiencing the same problem I have with “The Mat”. I have bought 2 so far and have the same problem……After awhile of using it, its gets “waves” it no longer lays flat! Its like it stretches out. Does...

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Black Royal Icing

Hi everyone….I have seen many cakes with black stenciling on them, my question is: How do you get black royal icing? Because mine never looks BLACK, it looks more like dark grey. Do you use regular black food coloring gels? I need to stencil a...

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Cracked Icing

I’ve been having a problem lately that I don’t understand WHY its happening…After I ice the cake with a crusting butter cream I use the Viva paper towel method….Then about 30 minutes afterwards….I start to see hairline cracks all over! Why is...

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Gumpaste Figure

I need to make gum paste figurine of Mr. Snuffleeupagus ( from sesame street). I need some advice on what to use, royal icing or gum paste to get that “Hairy” look?? Any advice I can get on the best way to get that look would be sooooooooo...

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Dummy Cakes

HI, I have a question…..When you make a dummy cake, does it always need to be covered in fondant? How do you go about using butter cream? Can you even use butter cream if you want to keep the dummy as a display cake? Is there something else that...

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Beautiful Photos of your cakes

Hi, I have seen so many beautiful photos taken of everyones cakes, I was wondering if anyone could share with me how do you get such gorgeous photos?? Is there a software everyone uses or do you really use different fabric backgrounds maybe??...