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Carina Martins

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My name is Carina Martins, I'm 24 years old and live in Sintra, Portugal. In jully 2011 I have graduated in phyiotherapist, and sooner or later I saw myself unemployed. In December 2012 I found a big passion: Cake Design. I love to bake and decorate cakes, but of course I'm still learning.

I love to see cakes in the web! So I hope to learn a bit more about this art (who am I kidding? I want to learn alot more!) and I hope we can become good friends :)

My facebook page is:
And my tumblr account is:

Please feel free to add me, share or leave your comments anywhere.

See you soon :D


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Carina Martins ...

Hi. I’m new in this place. Still trying to learn how to use this.
I started cake design one year ago. I love to bake and decorate cake. And I spend a lot of the day watching cakes in the web. Please, I hope you learn with you all and we become good friends :)