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The Origin of Cupcakes

Cupcakes first made their appearance on the nineteenth century. In the earlier centuries, before the muffin tins were largely available, cakes were mostly baked in individual gem pots, pottery cups or ramekins and it is from here that they took...

Cake ideas #2: Various cake decorating ideas

Here I have given some quick and beautiful cake decorating ideas at home. These are very simple yet beautiful. You can also see this article @ creativecakes blog This is called chocolate drizzle. Take a piping bag filled with chocolate cream...

Cake ideas #1: Preparing a snowman with a cupcake

Take a chocolate cupcake. Apply icing on top of the cake. Place a choco cookie and scarf. Cover the cookie with icing. Make eyes and nose with chocolate. Place a choco candy to make the hat. To read the detailed article go...

Quick way to prepare Sponge cake at home

This tutorial has been provided by Deborah Feltham of

Tips for icing the cakes like a pro

Do you want to present a cake in a unique way? Opt for icing. Icing your cake can make it even more special and attractive. Icing of a cake is a part of decoration and there are few options of doing it. It can be covered with butter cream or...