How to make Double letters on your cake

I made a how to make double letters on your cake. On childeren’s cakes with the right 2 color’s it looks great! Have Fun! Greetings Samantha from Sam & Nel’s Taarten – Holland

How to make Bird Wings with Pastillage

For full Gazebo & Doves Wedding Cake tutorial please visit the following link…

Halloween Mummy cake video tutorial

Another Halloween tutorial, this time a mummy cake! I have more of these coming over the next few weeks too, hope you guys like them! please subscribe for more content. Also be sure to share this video with your friends and followers to show...

Rose Petal Ruffle Tutorial

Ruffled Topper for Cookies & Cupcakes

Airbrushed cakeboard - explosion pattern

Hi there! My first blog here on CakesDecor so hope it all goes well!! Lately, cake decorators have been seeing squares in front their eyes….. one of the latest kids craze just now is Minecraft, so needless to say, Minecraft Birthday cakes have...

Easy floral decor tutorial

Magnolia Flower Tutorial

For this tutorial I used lily cutters in three different sizes. If you don’t have the cutters you can always print out the petal template. You can even find it in my Notes on my Facebook page ...

How to modeling a women face

Flowers #1: Frangipani flower Tutorial