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Valentines Day Cake Theme...

A friend just inquired about a Valentines Day themed cake for her 1 year old son. His birthday is Feb 14 and she would like some ideas, but I have NO idea what kind of cake to make for a 1 year old boy with this theme. Any ideas??

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Treasure Chest cake!

Hello Everyone! I’m making a treasure chest cake for this weekend and I am terrified about the lid. I looked online and saw that some people made the top out of styrofoam, but how would I shape the Styrofoam. Do I use different shapes and put...

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Interesting Customer requests

I just received a cake inquiry from a old school friend who would like to have a cake for her daughter’s 1st birthday, and wants to incorporate all of the following 3 designs: Mickey mouse and friends, Doc McStuffins, and Sophia the 1st I...

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How to deal with Unhappy customers...

I recently did a cake for someone and she flat out told me she didnt like it. She told me she wanted a small 2 tier cake airbrushed gold, with roses. She emphasized that she didnt want a big cake because she would be going to dinner with her...

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Airbrushing a 2 tier cake

I’m working on a small 2 tier cake that’s going to be airbrushed one solid color. I’m a beginner with the airbrushing and have only airbrushed one tier cakes so far. My question is, do I airbrush them separately then stack them or stack them...

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Large Minion Cake

Has anyone ever made a minion cake using cake pans larger than 6"? I need to make one that will feed up to 50 people. I was thinking I can use 8" round cakes and half of...

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How to get smooth cakes, covered with fondant

I’ve been making cakes for a while now, couple years, and I learn something new everyday. Can someone explain to me how can I get a cake this smooth, with no fondant “wrinkles” between layers, using BUTTERCREAM under the fondant: I know it...

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Square/Circle Wedding Cake

I was asked to make a simple wedding cake for a friend…similar to this She wants it to be 3 tiers, 10" square, 8" square, and 6" circle to feed 80 people. The 6" circle will be for her and her husband, so she only needs the bottom 2 tiers...

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Hazelnut Ganache

How do I make hazelnut ganache (the creamy version) as a filling for a cake I make chocolate ganache all the time, under my fondant, but I have never mad it as a filling in a cake Do I use white or dark chocolate? Nutella or real hazelnuts? ...

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Hennessy Bottle Cake

A friend of miness would like me to make her a 3D Hennessy liquor bottle I’ve made the 2D version (laying down) but I dont know what size cakes to start with and how to go from there. She needs it to feed about 20 people, so what size cakes...

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Airbrush Beginner

I recently purchased a airbrush machine but I’m super scared to use it. Excited but scared lol. How can I achieve this effect on a cake? The...

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Barbie Cake with Base - Support Help

I’m making a cake very similar to this×900px-LL-5c1ca1cc_gallery12777100_0206.jpeg Instead of a sheet cake, I plan on putting the barbie cake on top of a 10" or 12" square cake. I usually use bubble tea...

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Checkboard pattern around cake

I would like to make a checkerboard pattern around a 8" cake, similar to this: Do I have to use a specific size square cutter?

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WASC Recipe with Rum?

I’m baking a rum cake tonight using the WASC recipe. Do I substitute the 1 cup of water for 1 cup of rum or should I do half water, half rum? And I’m using the Wray and Nephew White Rum. I made this recipe before with Bacardi rum but I cant...

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Louboutin Shoe Box Cake

I’m making a shoe box similr to this, except the box will be fuschia…how do I go about making the name “Louboutin?” Do I have to hand paint it on, or are there other options besides edible image? The edible image would work best on a white box,...

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Leopard Print inside cake

Does anyone know how to make Leopard print inside a cake??

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What's this cake carving style called?

Whats this style of cake carving called and where can I find the tutorial for this cake? I’ve seen it in the past but I dont recall the name so that I can search for it.

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Louis Vouitton Cake

Just got a order for this cake: 1. Where can I find this kind of monogram or how to make it? 2. How do I get the texture on the little squares? 3. How do I make the chain/rings...

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Top Hat Cake

I’m making a top hat cake this weekend, just like this one: I have two questions: (1) How do I get the 2 curves in the brim? (2) The customer just wants the cake for show. I would...

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Satin Ice Fondant cracking

Last weekend I purchased a 20 lb bucket of white Satin Ice fondant for the first time. I have purchased their 5 lb buckets of red and black fondant, because I usually make my own (MMF) and I never had any problems. I love the taste and texture. ...