Beer Can Pouring

Baby Crocs in Fondant - A Tutorial

Baby Crocs in Fondant – A Tutorial Here is how I made the Baby Crocs. I have made cutters for them but I have provided you with the template that you can cut out from card paper and use as a guide to cut the fondant. What you will need: ...

Baby shoes tutorial

A simple tutorial for doing these cute baby shoes You can ask me for template sending me a FB message! Hope you like it Karla

Bow tutorial for a cupcake

Sleeping baby tutorial

This is a step by step tutorial containing about 80 photos ...

How I go about making a 3D car cake. By Paul Delaney

firstly I appologise for the messy work bench and poor quality photographs taken with my phone,but I had a lot happening when I made this. 1. reference material used. 2.Cut slab cake to rough shape 3.Place cardboard template against cake...

How to torte/cut a cake level

I made a quick video on how I cut my cakes. I’m pretty sure I learned this from another baker but I can’t pinpoint exactly where, but I’ve been using this technique on all my cakes for the last couple of years and its better than using...

Princess Doll Tutorial

As promised here is the tutorial to make a princess cake. You do not need a Barbie Doll topper and you could even use a shop caught one, but keep only the torso area… or even better, model your own, which will be my next one. Each photo has...

3D Elmo Cake!!

Here is my video pictorial of how I made my Elmo Cake. Thanks for watching! :)

Spotty Dotty Cake Tutorial

Here is my Spotty Dotty Cake Tutorial, I hope you’ll like it.