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I love you

I love you


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miettes ...

Welcome to Cakes Decor! I just noticed you signed up 3 days ago :-)

elena ...

yes!! thankyou! I’ll post my cakes, hope you like them!

Cakemummy ...

Welcome! Love your modelling, looking forward to seeing more of your work! :-)

BISCÜIT Mexico ...

Me encantan tus tartas, y muchas veces me sirven de inspiración Ü
Felicidades por tu trabajo!

Kittyscuquis ...

Hola Elena,

Me alegra haberte encontrado también por aquí… ¡¡otra madrileña más!! Ya sabes que soy una gran admiradora de tus modelados ;)


elena ...

Thank you all!! I’m still learning how does this page work… sorry for answering so late!
Thank you very much for your comments :)

Enza - Sweet-E ...

Hi Elena.. love your modelling…and I’m following you now…looking forward to seeing your work :) Enza xx

Mandy ...

Hi Elena, just to say you have a real talent for figures as well as beautiful cakes. Look forward to seeing some more and if you want to do a tutorial on faces, I’ll be the first to watch it.

ErinLo ...

Your figures are amazing!

Sharon A. ...

I new follow from me. LOVE your work!!!!!!

Domnaki's ...

Lovely Designs Elena and beautiful modeling!

Judy ...

Beautiful modelling, new follow x