Marta Roz

My name is Marta
I love ❤🍭 sweets , painting and creating sweet decorations is my passion ...
It's a huge pleasure to be a part of CakesDecor community! :)

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Jungle cake

Jungle cake

Marta Roz

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Baptism cake

Baptism cake

Marta Roz

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Griselda de Pedro ...

Muchas gracias por el seguimiento ! Estamos en contacto ! Bellos tus trabajos 💕💕💕💕

Clara ...

Thank you for following me, Marta! I love your work. 😍

Hend kahla ...

beautiful cakes 💖
I really like it and I’m a new follower

Dragana ...

Thank you for the follow!

Sandra Smiley ...

Thank you for the follow, Marta! I love your cakes and am following you, too.

Marta Roz ...

Thank you for sharing your opinions with me … every review is extremely important to me … Thank you for being with me :)