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May 2013    Cheshire UK    Cupcakes And daisies on Facebook

I have been decorating cakes for 15 months now, I have had no previous experience in the field and got into it because my grandson "Joshua" said " nan you should sell your cakes ,their tasty and look good too" ! Shortly after his comment I was asked by a friend to make her son a cake for his 40th birthday and I am now averaging 6 cakes and assorted cookies,cupcakes, cupcakes in jars and pop up cupcakes per month, and this is just by word of mouth!



Toni (White Crafty Cakes) ...

Wow, I can’t believe you have only been making cakes for a short time Bev! Your cakes are lovely!

Bev Murray ...

Thank you Toni ! Your comment is very welcome I have actually been doing the cakes for 15 months now ,must up date my profile ! I don’t know if your the same but some times you see others cakes and feel that your own need a lot of work to reach the standards on here, so when someone like your self gives positive feed back it gives me such a boost thank you once again !! :)

Gulnaz Mitchell ...

Thank you so much Bev for stopping by and leaving a lovely message on my profile page! I appreciate it so much!xoxo

Toni (White Crafty Cakes) ...

Yes, we do have a lot in common Bev! I only bake for family and friends because babysitting the 3 grandchildren really keeps me busy! I know what you mean, when I get a lovely comment from one of my cake idols, it really gives me a boost too! I feel so inadequate next to some of the cake geniuses on here, but my cakes please my friends and family, and that is enough for me!

Silvia Costanzo ...

Thank you, Bev! I wish you a happy 2014! :)

Allways Julez ...

Thank you Bev, for your most amazing welcome message on my home page! I appreciate your thoughtfulness… Julez XXX

Allways Julez ...

Thanks Bev, for your congratulatory comment! Being surrounded by people, that are happy for me and my little successes, is such an added bonus!!!! Ta

Allways Julez ...

Hi Bev… you might need to update the web links
a) listed on your homepage
b) attached as your signature, when you post a comment
….as I could not get either of them to work???
Will look for you on facebook.

Website: Cupcakes And daisies on Facebook
— Bev, Cheshire

Nadia ...

Hi Bev, Thank you so much for your amazing compliments.I truly appreciate you. Your works are also fabulous, I enjoy looking at each of your work.