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Polo Logo

I want to do a Polo Shirt Cake for Father’s Day, and was wondering what...

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Tier Sizes

What would be a good cake size for two tier cake? I was thinking a 9 inch...

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Cake Decorating as a Business

I was curious for all of you who does this business, what advice would you...

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Sheet Cakes (11x15) (12x18)

First off, I have never baked a cake larger than a 9×13. Anything larger...

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Two Stage Mixing Method

Recently, I have been using the Two Stage Mixing Method to make my cakes....

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Want to start cake decorating business

Hi All, I want to start a cake decorating business, but I am not sure how...

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Question about Practicing Cake Decorating Techniques

I know that my question my sound strange, but what is the best way to learn...

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Which brand of fondant do you prefer and why? Is there a way to flavor...