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Polo Logo

I want to do a Polo Shirt Cake for Father’s Day, and was wondering what would be the best way to do the Polo Logo? Thank you all for any suggestions.

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Tier Sizes

What would be a good cake size for two tier cake? I was thinking a 9 inch bottom and 6 inch top. What do you all think. Help needed. Thank you in advance.

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Cake Decorating as a Business

I was curious for all of you who does this business, what advice would you give a person just starting out? I know in the beginning it would not be a wise decision to take this on fulltime, but one day would like to do that. Is the cake...

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Sheet Cakes (11x15) (12x18)

First off, I have never baked a cake larger than a 9×13. Anything larger than that size scares me. I have heard my stories of cakes of this size saggy in the middle, not cooked. Could any one give me tips to baking this size cake perfect. Another...

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Two Stage Mixing Method

Recently, I have been using the Two Stage Mixing Method to make my cakes. This method produces a very tender, moist cake that actually hold moisture for days. I have used buttercream to ice the cake, but at this point have not used fondant to...

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Want to start cake decorating business

Hi All, I want to start a cake decorating business, but I am not sure how to start a home based cake business that will make a profit. How long does it take to see profit? Do most of you cakers keep your day job? Just basically want to know...

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Question about Practicing Cake Decorating Techniques

I know that my question my sound strange, but what is the best way to learn cake techniques and did you all learn them in any particular order. How often do you practice and when practicing do you always use real cakes or foam cake dummies? ...

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Which brand of fondant do you prefer and why? Is there a way to flavor fondant?