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A little bit about the name: Lakrymosa

Based on Mozart's Requiem: Lacrimosa which he had only completed 8 bars of before his death. As some of you may know, 9 is my lucky number, so to me, it resembles a new beginning.

Fun Facts:
Mozart and I share the same birthday, January 27th.
I have used the moniker Lakrymosa for MMORPG's such as World of Warcraft for years now.
My favorite band, Evanescence, released the song Lacrymosa in 2006 using Mozart's Lacrimosa sequence throughout the song.
Lakrymosa has 9 letters.

About the Baker:
My name is Audrey. I was born in Pennsylvania, raised in Maryland and have traveled the world. I was a Military Police Officer (MA) in the United States Navy for a little over 8 years. When I got out of the military I moved to Wisconsin, where my husband is from. My entire working career has been in law enforcement or a related field. I work full-time and am finishing my degree in criminal justice and cyber crime. I love creating food art from scratch and even better, sharing it with everyone. Thank you all for your continued support!