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Location: Dansville, MI

I'm a wife, mother and grandmother. I am the owner of Wiggie's Bake Goods and a Wilton Cake Instructor. I am new at the business but not at baking. I also quilt, cross stitch and many other things that I enjoy with my family.

I really enjoy my teaching of cake decorating and I always welcome new students and clients in the Lansing MI area. I teach at the Fandor Shopping Center at Michaels.

Lyn Wigginton



luna ...

Hi Lyn
I’m sorry for my later answer on your question about peacock’s feather. I made strips out of fondant that I then shredded on the perimeter using modelling tool with sharp end. Centre line of the feather was painted
Sorry for my English:)

Lyn Wigginton ...

Thank you Luna, and your English is just fine.

Sweet ObsesShan ...

Love your creations, new follow here. Have a blessed day.

Lyn Wigginton ...

Thanks Sweet I appreciate that.

luna ...

Hi Lyn!
Do you want really my help with a wedding cake? :)

Lyn Wigginton ...

Luna I would love your help on any cake, you do amazing work.