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Location: FRANCE

L'Arbre à Gâteaux

My Facebook page : L'Arbre à gâteaux



Znique Creations ...

New follower of your lovely work xx

Alison from l'Arbre à Gâteaux ...

Oh what a suprise ;) I just saw your comment, thank you for following Znique ;)

Enza - Sweet-E ...

Amazing cakes. follow from me :) Enza xx

Alison from l'Arbre à Gâteaux ...

Thank you Enza ;)

Mandy ...

Hi Alison, a new follow from me. It is great to find another person passionate about sugarcraft in France. It is finally arriving here, but I find it difficult to buy materials, especially sugarpaste. Would be grateful for any sites etc yoy have found over here.