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Marketing a Home Bakery

I am beginning a home baking business. If you have a home baking business, please advise what your marketing techniques were and how you acquired new customers. I feel that I need help in marketing my business since it does have a store front....

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Kitchen aid stand mixers

Thanks to everyone who responded to my questions and comments on Kitchen Aid stand mixers. Another question: What Kitchen Aid Mixer do you recommend for a new baker? I like the 500/ 5 quart. I will be doing about 3 to 4 cakes a week, some...

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Kitchen Aid stand mixers

Do you think that a Kitchen Aid mixer is necessary for a beginning bakery. I have to purchase a stand mixer and want to purchase one that I truly need. Thanks.

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Stand Mixers

Please advise me as to whether or not a Kenmore Stand Mixer will be adequate for fondant. I know some of the Kitchen Aids are popular and widely used, but I needed to conserve my finances. Thanks.

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New Baker Question/Stand Mixers

Hello. I am new at this forum thing and a new baker. I need help. I need advice on what type of Stand Mixer to purchase. Will the new Kenmore be able to do most jobs including fondant. I have MS and really need to cut costs, but don’t want...