A candle for Paris

Today no words, no cakes, no likes or faves, just a candle at the window, for Paris, tonight 10 p.m.

How to Make a 3D Book Cake Tutorial

A free full length tutorial by Chef Serdar Yener on how to make a 3D Book Cake. Downloadable course material available at the following link… http://www.yenersway.com/tutorials/free-videos/how-to-make-a-3d-book-cake/

Fairy Toadstool

Cute Koala Topper - Video Tutorial

Hi! This is my first video tutorial :) I hope you’ll like it! xxx

Postman Pat cake topper tutorial

For this video tutorial I thought I would show you how to create one of my favourite cake toppers for a children’s cake, a gumpaste model of postman pat. Postman pat is around 10cm tall. I really hope you enjoy this video. My website:...

cake recipes #1: No butter victoria sponge cake..... (super quick and easy)

This is an amazing, no butter, light and fluffy victoria sponge cake, that will just melt away in your mouth. Its so quick and easy to make, I’ll make it when I want a super fast dessert for after Sunday lunch…….. Serves 6-8 Ingredients…… 2...

Sugar flowers

Wired Sugar Trees

You will need: Green flower paste 1.5mm tear drop cutter Grooved non-stick board 26 gauge florist wire (cut into 4) Polystyrene block for drying Green airbrush or dust colours 6mm dark green/hazel florist tape You can view one of the...

Watercolor effect on buttercream

Sugar Quilling Technique- favorite technique challenge +tutorial