Funkalicious Cakery

Funkalicious Cakery

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Jun 2012    Horsham, Victoria, Australia    Website

My cake decorating and baking journey began in late 2010 early 2011 when we were looking at wedding cakes for our upcoming wedding but the design we really liked (we were after the wow factor) would cost big dollars. So totally naive and facing a very humid summer I told my fiance I could do it - easy.

Well the cake speaks for itself, however if I repeated it now I would've used far superior products and possibly sugar flowers instead of silk flowers (however the silk flowers do make a nice arrangement on the table).

After getting a positive response from the cake (and it's taste) I set about learning more about cake decorating and developing my techniques.

On 15th June 2012 I received the nod from our Enviornmental and Health Office and Funkalicious Cakery was born.

I know I have a lot of techniques to learn and master but we all must start somewhere - don't we.

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