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Finally moved into New Cakey Room :)

Some of you know that I moved last year and have been working in a small front living room (which hubby converted into a workable cake room) for almost 11 months whilst we have had building work going on with our house. To say it has been...

New CakesDecor Features #11: New Design Tweaks

After some time we decided to give CakesDecor little bit different look and I think it turned out great. We added more brand color at the top and made the headings larger and bolder. Do you like the new look?

CakesDecor Theme: Watering Cans & Flower Pots

Hi Everyone!! Today’s theme is Watering Cans and Plant Pots. I chose this theme because every time I see cakes like these they immediately make me feel summery and put a smile on my face, and I hope the same happens for you, too!! ...

Quick and easy stencil for airbrushing Graffiti

As my airbrushing skills aren’t exactly what you would call ‘good’, I had to come up with an easy way for me to do it. This was the answer… a simple yet very effective gumpaste/ flower paste stencil. After rolling out my paste fairly thick (for...

New CakesDecor Features #8: Activity Log

Do you know that situation when you are trying to find a cake you commented on some time ago, but you can’t remember which one it was? Now, you can find it easily by checking out your Activity Log on your Profile Page. Simply click on Me → My...

Iron Man 2D mask pictorial

Hiya everyone ! Ok, so a while ago I made an Iron Man cake (you can find the cake in my CD ‘gallery’ – my 100th cake posted to CD too !! :D) for a Marvel comic fan and...

Fable Spring Collaboration (Colaboración Primavera de Fábula)

I´m very happy to be part of the First Spanish Cake Collaboration. It´s called Fable Spring, and every one of us had to make a piece inspiring in a fable. It could be a made up fable aswell. I give you thanks in name of Patricia Bonillo...

Gum Paste Roses

I made a video on how I make my Gum Paste Roses. I hope you like it. Used on this cake

My Little Kitchen Tour

I`ve just been admiring the amazing cake spaces that people have shared on here and I thought I would add mine. As a single mum working from our rented home, I have limited funds and can make limited changes. I moved here 3 years ago with no...

Did you know......?

Did you know that if you have the FMM Funky cutters, you can make sweet music!