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Little Apple Cakes ...

Hi and thank you for the like, sending one back your way, can’t wait to check out your work!!

Fascination ...

Thank you..though I joined some time ago, I have not been active. I hope to change that….but please note that I am an amateur not expect anything too spectacular :-)

Little Apple Cakes ...

Hahaha you are too funny, I’m just an amateur and hobby baker too, trust me it took me more than a year to dare to post something on here, then when you do it once and get to know some people you don’t care anymore, we are all here to learn from each other, in the beginning every time I saw a pretty cake I would wonder “oh will I ever be that good” but if you think like that all the time you slowly start hating cakes more and more ;). Be confident we are all on different levels, there will always be people you can learn something new from but also people you can teach something too. Cakey hugs!! S.