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Jun 2012    East Hartford, Ct/Springfield, Mass

I Always Loved To Cook & Bake All My Life...Never Wanted To Do It For A Living Until I Ordered My Wedding Cake (In October 2010) & The Bakery Wouldn't Make It The Way I Wanted It Nor Would They Put On My Cake Topper They Refused... :( So I Was On A Mission To Find A Baker For My Future Events...Lord & Behold I Found A Baker Recommended By My Event Designer... I Was So Happy My Search Was Over...Well To My Dismay Even Though She Made The Cake I Requested & It Came Out Beautiful...As She Was Walking In The Venue For My Daughters Baby Shower (October 2011) With The Cake It Started Falling Apart...She Set It Up...As She Walked Out The Door People Are Screaming For Me...The Pictures Start Peeling Off The Blocks... The Top Block Kept Falling Off The Structure...I Refused To Let This Happen For My Granddaughters Birthdays So I Started Baking & Cake Designing (In November 2011)...A Newbie That Will Succeed In Being The Best... Happy Baking All...

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