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How to deal with bad/negative feedback?

I am relatively new to cake decorating and I am working on building my business locally. I agreed to do a dessert table for the friend of a local business person (it was to be a photo shoot) completely out of my own pocket. The communication was...

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How far ahead can you work?

I have a couple of weeks coming up in the next month or so that are going to be super packed with cakes…and then I have weeks I have no cakes or only 1. So, I’m wondering…how far ahead can I work on decorations for the cakes? (Working with...

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Help me spend $! ;)

I am just starting out in my little cake deco business and I have a little money coming that I can use to get some supplies or equipment with. It’s not a lot…let’s say around $500 USD max. What would you buy if you where me? (What...

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Edible Printers?

So, I’m considering getting an edible printer for my little cake business and I am looking for feedback. Does anyone have any recommendations on brand or any other advice about these?

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Business Paperwork/Pricing Sheet

So, I’m thinking of possibly making a go of this cake deco business since several of our amazing decorators are moving this year. I know that I need to come up with my own pricing/standards, etc. But is there a website (free or reasonably...

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Bunting Material?

I want to put a bunting on my next cake, but I mostly only see fabric or paper buntings. In my head I was doing it with gum paste/fondant (with the exception of the string and sticks). Would that work or would they be too heavy? I hate to waste...

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How much to charge for a cake topper?

So, I have an order to just do a cake topper. The client is moving and wants to transport it to their next location and have it on hand when they get there to place on a cake. They want a 6″×6″ flat square that is fairly simple. What would you...

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Funfetti or other flavor cake for a Wedding Cake?

So, I have my 1st wedding cake and they have asked for “funfetti”. I’m a little worried about that holding up on a tiered wedding cake! Does anyone have a good recipe for a version of “Funfetti” that is sturdy too? I am meeting with them next...

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Support for Embellishments

I’m making a cake for a friend of a friend and I am putting a gum paste airplane on top. It will be a fondant covered cake and I will also have some other (mostly flat) embellishments on it. What I’m wondering is would I need to put a support...

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Ah!!! My First Wedding Cake order...

I just confirmed my first wedding cake order and I’m super excited and nervous about it! They want simple and vintage and it for around 150 people. I made it clear I am a new decorator and I’ll only be able to do certain designs and they are ok...