Tutorial Butterfly in gum paste

My first experiment in gum paste.Il result was excellent and many have requested a tutorial. Much easier than it looks in the picture.

CakesDecor Theme: Guitar Cakes

Quite often on CakesDecor we come across some of the most remarkable creations, they really grab our attention simply because we just can’t tell they have been made from cake, that’s what I love about this week’s theme, any cake that makes you...

Cake Decorating Business #4: Basic Principles of Pricing Your Cakes

Basic Principles of Pricing Your Cakes Cake pricing is the thing most cake decorators and bakers really struggle with. In part this is because this is a very emotional business we are in, so we take all of it very personally and a lot of high...

CakesDecor Theme: Disney's Frozen, Cakes & Cookies

Okay, we all knew this theme was going to featured sooner or later… FROZEN!! “….Do you wanna build a snowmaaan?…” I actually got to see Frozen for the first time on Monday – It was cake research, I promise ;) Frozen is currently one of the...

How to make Bird Wings with Pastillage

For full Gazebo & Doves Wedding Cake tutorial please visit the following link… http://www.yenersway.com/tutorials/celebration-cakes/gazebo-doves-wedding-cake/

CakesDecor Theme: Wedding Cakes - Part 6

Another beautiful collection of Wedding Cakes shared with us this month on CakesDecor. I love this theme!! They’re all just so amazing!!

Dog tutorial

1. Preparation – I always use several pieces of polystyrene. This is how I achieve that the model has inside’s wooden stick long enough to be stable on a cake and also I do not damage hours of attempt when I want to move it from...

CakesDecor Theme: Chocolate Cakes

If you’re on a low calorie diet, look away now because this week it’s all about CHOCOLATE!! We see so many new cakes on CakesDecor everyday, all beautifully finished in fondant, perfectly painted, seamlessly sculpted works of art, you all...

How to Airbrush a Champagne Bottle with a Shiny Glass Effect

For full tutorial please visit the following link… http://www.yenersway.com/tutorials/celebration-cakes/3d-champagne-bottle-ice-bucket-cake/

CakesDecor Theme: Wedding Cakes - Part 5

Wedding Cakes: Part 5!! This has definitely been the most popular month for Wedding Cakes on CakesDecor, we have over 120 cakes featured this week, and, they’re all stunning!! ...