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Location: Seattle WA

Hi all!! Thanks for stopping by! Excited to chat cakes and be inspired by all of you! MUAAAH! -Mandy

Mandy, All The King's Horses Cake Creations



Maya Delices ...

Love your cakes
Well done :)

Mandy ...

DUDE, I just saw this comment Maya! I am so sorry….I so am still learning my way around this site. Thank you! HAHA!

TheCustomCakery ...

Came to follow but I’m already there. Haaaaaa. Sorry!

Mandy ...

HAHA! Thanks!! How do I start following you!??

TheCustomCakery ...

Howdee! Haha, well done. You did it! Just remember to reply on the other person’s profile otherwise they don’t see what you’ve written unless they come back to your profile. It really isn’t that complicated…honest ;) And thanks for the follow ;) Don’t forget you can set notifications off so your phone isn’t always binging with new cakes from the folks you follow, depends how many you plan on following! Xx